1MB Club

Join the Hall of Fame (of Pizza)

I previously used BuyMeACoffee to accept donations but have since moved away from that platform.

Help out the 1MB Club (and me personally!) with a small one-time/monthly donation of pizza.

Donate a pizza through PayPal

What You Get in Return

You get your website posted inside the main “Hall of Fame” section found on both the homepage of this site and the bottom of every blog post. You’ll also have your name mentioned on my personal Pizza Fund page (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

Nothing crazy but it’s the least I can do to say thank you!

Givers of Pizza

Listed below are the kind folks who have donated me pizzas.

Name Amount
Alveek $3 (pizza slice)
Jakob M $9 (large pizza)
Anonymous $9 (large pizza)
Kristian Scott $3 (pizza slice)
Anonymous $9 (large pizza)
Anonymous $3 (pizza slice)
Anonymous $3 (pizza slice)
Luke Davis $3 (pizza slice)
Anonymous $3 (pizza slice)
Jamie Smith $3 (pizza slice)
@danielsadac $9 (large pizza)
beltbro.com $15 (large pizza + toppings)
tedmagaoay $3 (pizza slice)
@salis $9 (large pizza)
@alessacrea $15 (large pizza + toppings)
tedmagaoay $3 (pizza slice)
Joshua $9 (large pizza)
DevITjobs $9 (large pizza)
Jakub $3 (pizza slice)
Jakub $3 (pizza slice)
Nicolas $3 (pizza slice)
@jjsuper1 $15 (large pizza + toppings)
Willem L. Middelkoop $9 (large pizza)
Ivan S $15 (large pizza + toppings)
adast.dk $15 (large pizza + toppings)
Jens Steger $9 (large pizza)
Alexey $11 (large pizza)