1MB Club

The internet has become a bloated mess. Massive javascript libraries. Countless client-side queries. Overly complex frontend frameworks.

These things are a cancerous growth on the web.

But we can make a difference - no matter how small it may seem. 1MB Club is a growing collection of performance-focused web pages found across the internet. The one and only rule for a web page to qualify as a member:

  1. Total website size (not just transfered data) must not exceed 1 megabyte

How to Submit

Please follow the instructions on the main Github project repo.


If you are feeling generous, I would greatly appreciate any donations to help support the site.

  1. BTC: 3JGsvjgxamQHi4VCALER4rXvnvzdWUaQGg
  2. Or simply buy me a coffee

Looking for a more extreme club?

Take a look and checkout the even more exclusive membership collection at the XHTML Club.

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