1MB Club

Two Years and Over 700 Websites Later

Although the second “birthday” of the 1MB Club is officially November 19, I couldn’t help by write down some of my thoughts about this project over the past two years. I honestly have nothing but positive things to say and the amount of interest in this silly side project has been wonderful!

Some Fun Stats

Let’s take a look at some stats that don’t mean anything of real importance (please note - these figures are based on stats collected at the time of writing):

The Github repo has the following:

Some fun facts about the website itself:

Closing Thoughts

I’m still passionate about making a leaner, more performance-based web. I still get excited seeing another member request pop into my inbox. I love getting to visit those submitted websites and discovering something new on the internet. Something I otherwise would have probably missed. It’s a good reminder how truly massive the size of the internet is.

I should also mention that the members who have requested to join have been nothing but nice. It’s been great interacting with so many others who share the same passion for a “smaller” web footprint. My hope is to keep this collection growing for as long as I possibly can.

Thanks for reading,

– Brad

Special Thanks

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